And Why Rash Curtis has the Answers…

Superior Results  •  Specialized Expertise  •  Advanced Tools  •  Timely Reporting  •  No Risk





Superior Results  •  Specialized Expertise  •  Advanced Tools  •  Timely Reporting  •  No Risk

Superior Results.  We we can increase your collections ROI and improve your cash flow by collecting claims quicker (which reduces your AR days) with a higher percentage of paid-to-billed (increased CASH) than you are currently experiencing.


Specialized Expertise. Unfortunately, not all claims are created equal. It’s why business offices regularly divide into specialty groups to deal with the nuances of different payer requirements and processes. While we can collect all types of claims, we have specialized expertise in Accident Claims, Worker’s Compensation Claims, Early Out/Aged Trouble Accounts and Physician Claims Management. We also provide LEAN Optimization Services to help you realize the benefits of outsourcing your claims without having to actually outsource.

Advanced Tools.  We use a very sophisticated, next generation revenue cycle software tool that proactively prompts our collection’s personnel where to focus their time and talents and provides definable alerts to supervisors. The tool includes mentoring software that focuses on results, guides collectors through payment strategies, and trains new employees. It’s like having an experienced advisor at the collector’s side 24/7.

Timely Reporting.  Our experience recognizes that most reports generate as many new questions as they answer. Instead of the typical monthly snapshots of our progress, we provide “real-time, anytime”™ reporting so you see our progress and gauge our success when you want. This is not a simple paper spreadsheet but a sophisticated, flexible, on-line, fully integrated reporting tool that allows you to get the “big picture” and then drill-down to appropriate levels of detail. It will change forever how you see your receivables and manage your vendors.

No Risk.  We don’t expect you to trust us just because we say so. We have a no risk solution whereby we can demonstrate our experience, commitment, and success; then you can decide whether or not our solutions meet your needs.