Healthcare Collection Services

Rash Curtis is PCI Level 1-Certified and HIPAA-compliant

•  We provide first-party or early stage collection services.

•  We manage select portions, or all of your pre-bad debt accounts receivable.

•  We provide third-party debt collection and system conversion services.

•  We specialize in turnaround environments – outsourcing entire business offices from billing to collections.

Focused on rapid resolution of outstanding accounts, we provide all necessary services for billing, re-billing and follow-up, regardless of age of placement and financial class, such as:

•  Commercial insurance

•  Managed care insurance

•  Medicaid

•  Medicare

•  Self-pay

•  Self-pay residuals

•  Automobile injuries

•  Worker’s compensation

We monitor all calls in our process to help recover your revenue while maintaining positive relationships with your patients.

In addition to these services, Rash Curtis offers legal collections. We have in-house attorney services ranging from no-cost representation to full litigation and execution of assets.

You may also want to ask about our Healthcare Consulting.