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Frequently Asked Questions

How We Work ~ Timelines ~ Compliance

When I call, will I get to speak to a live person?

Yes!  During our regular business hours, our Client Service Reps are always available to assist and support you, “we do not believe in voicemail”.

How soon can I send an account to collections?

Early out can start as soon as day one however, best practice is to wait 90-120 days to assign for collection. The exception to this rule is when an individual refuses to pay at which point its best to assign immediately.   Learn more about early-out.

Do you bill insurance companies?

Yes we have experienced insurance billers on site, and bill for multiple clients.

Are you HIPAA compliant?

YES WE ARE! all employees go through EXTENSIVE compliance training which includes HIPAA regulations.

We have been with Rash Curtis for years and will NEVER consider another company for our delinquent account collections.  The level of professionalism and customer service is hands down, the best that I have ever experienced.  Proud to say that Rash Curtis has stuck with us!

Tracy S.

Retail & Banking

Our staff is trained to focus on positive experience debt recovery with proven quantitative results. We deliver client-tailored letter and scripted call-based collection services for all industries including, retail, commercial, banking and government.


Rash Curtis & Associates provides debt collection services to a variety of governmental bodies at the state, county and municipal level. Collecting your debt faster and more efficiently can be a viable solution to increase cash flow. 


We provide first-party or early stage collection services. Focused on rapid resolution of outstanding accounts, we provide all necessary services for billing, re-billing and follow-up, regardless of age of placement and financial class.